F.A. Q’s

Who are you?

We’re a team of professional photographers and Cinematographers.

What will we get at the end of the assignment?

Beautiful edited images, for one! The rest is up to you- we can offer to make high-quality, subtly designed coffee table books and could also print and frame your best images.

How many hours do you usually put into your work?

There are two distinct parts to the work we do- shooting and post-production. They are directly proportional​. Our work doesn’t end the day we finish shooting. We have a very careful process of selection and editing, which is set into motion once the actual shoot is over.​

How much do you charge?

Again, it depends very much on the nature & scope of the work. Based on your requirements we will offer a bespoke quote to you.

Why should we hire you?

Because we love what we do and believe you will too ?
We prefer to work in an unobtrusive fashion and like to blend in. Our work is qualitative rather than quantitative, as we ultimately like to give you truly special images- the intimacy, revelry, tears and camaraderie- all essential ingredients of an eventful, exciting wedding!​

How far are you willing to travel?

As far as you’d like us to!

Would you cover both sides at a Wedding?

Sure we would love to!!

What are the additional services you provide?

Coffee table books, Printing & framing, Same day Edited Video, Instant Photo prints.

Do you copyright the final images?

We have a system of shared copyrights between the client and ourselves. We don’t watermark the images we give you.

Would we receive unedited/RAW photos?

Sure, We do share all raw images as it is n you can select best Images for editing.

How much post-production are you willing to do?

Let’s just say we’re photographers, not plastic surgeons!

What are your payment terms?

  • 30% – on booking time
  • 50% – Two days before event date.
  • 20% – after final layout of photobook.

What does your professional kit look like?

We have a wide range of fast lenses and work with other high-quality camera equipment. In terms of editing, each image will go through a rigorous process of post-production, which will be done using the latest Apple colour calibrated systems and Adobe software.

How soon do we need to make a booking?

As soon as you’ve zeroed in on a date! Waste no time, click here!
We work on a first-confirmation basis and can only block a date once we receive an advance.

Are you willing to work with other teams?

Of course! We’re happy to work with different teams. However, we do ​think ​too many cooks is never a good idea because people get in each others way. We prefer to do photo-sessions independently as the couple/ bride/groom tend to get conscious with too many cameras around.

What would your final delivery look like?

Let yourself be surprised!

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